Saturday, November 8, 2014

WE WON!!!! IE. Robert won

This is what the gym looked like before the game, completely sold out people sitting in the aisle and standing all around.  It was so cool to see all these people there supporting our team.

 Lainey had her Halloween make-up with her daddy's number =)
 Lets get that gold!
We had control over the game from the start.  It was a fun game to watch and win!
The aftermath

 Love my champion!!!
 The kids were so happy and proud
 The moment of congrats!
 The guys celebrating
 Such a special moment, Cooper got his dads medal and Robert lifted him 
up to the whole crowd cheering.
I love that the kids got to be in that moment with Robert, 
it was so special for them both.
LOVE my family so much!!! Yes Cooper was crying cause he wanted to hold the trophy.  Lainey was crying cause cooper got the medal so she got the trophy first.  It maybe wasn't picture perfect but really what is ;).  In the end they both got special moments.
Lainey and Daddy's special moment.

After the game we went to a celebration that the owner put together.  It was very nice to celebrate with the team.  We couldn't stay long cause both kids were asleep but 1am is still pretty late.
 Robert had his own table =)

 Larry is the other American on the team 
 We got the gold!!!
 Champions of the Paulista league 2014
BiCampeao means we have won two years in a row

So proud of my husband and how hard he has worked at this job over the last 10 years.  This league is not the final big national league but it is a big respected league down here and they played some of the best teams in the national league.  Its a great win and a great way to start the season.  Next we have the Sud Americana league which starts this week in Mogi ( another Brazilian city).  We also started the national league the NBB which leads into my next topic and this last week.
 Vanessa and Lia came to visit!
 Robert played Lucas's team so Vanessa came and stayed the week!
 I was so happy to have her here, it felt complete with her by my side at the game.
 She is so big!
Happy first birthday to our Lia Alves!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

It's Been A While

Sorry its been a little longer then I had planned but here it is.  This week Robert started the SudAmericana league round 1 and we one 3 straight games!  Robert played really well in all 3 but ended great with 20pts and 7 rebounds.  It was great to see some games again and to play so well.  Yesterday (Saturday) we went to a BBQ at one of the directors of the team and his house was amazing!  There was a game room, soccer field,  tennis court and basketball court.  The kids had a fun day playing with all that stuff and swimming.  This week will be a super fun week it is finally time for the championship in the state league and Robert is on the road today and will play tomorrow and the next day in Limeira (the name of the city).  Then Thursday and Friday at home and hopefully done and we win!!  Keep Robert and his guys in your thoughts and prayers as this is a big deal and would be really great for Robert to have this championship.  Also this week Lainey has a halloween party at her school and I get to volunteer!  They have a costume contest, trick or treating, and a open house with decorations etc.  Cooper I think will get to do the trick or treating as well so that is wonderful.  Super excited for the week and can't wait to blog about it Sunday.

 Cooper was being so silly it was such a fun moment.  He would laugh at everything I said...Never felt so funny in my life.
 Sophia is so adorable!
 Breast cancer awareness month the team got new uniforms.
 Lainey knew how much I have been missing my friends and made this for me.  
She is amazing!
 Cooper and Maya.  He loves the babies.
 Robert being interviewed after the 3rd win this week.
 Cooper would not smile but his outfit was too cute not to try.
 Enough babies for all of us =).  Us two couples are done having our own babies so its nice to hold other babies.
 The team and the directors.
 My love
 Robert at an autograph signing.  
 My girl!
 Camila, Livia, Rita, and me.
We are ready for Halloween =).

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It's Getting HOT in Here!!!!

Yeah its that hot here!!! I'm starting to second guess how good Bauru is for us Oregonians ;).  This has been a pretty laid back week Lainey has not had school this week and Robert hasn't had any games either.  It has been so hot here that we haven't wanted to do much.  We swim in the pool everyday and then relax in the air conditioned house.  Thank goodness we have the air conditioning in EVERY room or I would go insane.  Cooper did get his Judo Uniform last week and he is so excited to wear it.  Everyday he tries it on does some moves and says "I love my uniform".  I have been trying to grow my cooking and baking resume and I'm doing fairly well all the dinners have turned out great and same with the desserts.  I made a banana bread and had some pumpkin spice cappuccino and for 5 mins I felt like I was home.  Here are some pics of the last week hope you all enjoy.  Love you all
 Couldn't resist putting a pic of 11 month of Baby Lia.  Love you and miss you Alves family!
 Banana bread and Pumpkin spice cappuccino =) so good
 Cooper is ready to take someone down!
 BBQ with new friends
 Kids day fun at the mall.  Lainey and Cooper collected all the balloons they could.
 Cooper is jealous of all the fish Donny is catching at the property so he is going to get some fishing in how ever he can.
Well....they had a little too much fun painting haha.  Ana Livia, Lainey, and Luana

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


So I know the last update I left you with was that Robert was down in the series 1-2 and had to win Thursday...Well they did!!! They won by 30 points and Robert played amazing, he had 24 point!  SO game 5 was Saturday and man it was stressful, I kind of thought after the 30 point game that we had it in the bag but I was wrong and Franca came out playing super hard.  We were down at half time but managed to pull through and WIN!!! The wives were all in the stands dying, not being the one on the court or field sucks.  I have so much anxiety and when I played I never did, I just want Robert to win ever game and play good etc.  Anyway that now means we are headed for the championship round October 27- Nov 2 so be praying for 3 wins!  In other news, Lainey is loving school so much.  She is happy everyday which makes me so happy, she is super tired but we are adjusting to a new schedule no more 12am nights in this house.  Cooper is loving Judo and art classes, I'm so happy this school is letting us take him just for after school activities.  He is getting to meet some kids and he is ready for school he asks all the time "when do I get to go."  Everything is really going good and we are settling in to a good routine and flow which always make me so happy.  Alright enough words here are the pics =)
 Game Time
 Lainey made signs like this for every player! She is so amazing and thoughtful.
 Date night after the game!  So much fun celebrating the win, and Larry (one of the player) Birthday days.  This night was so much fun Robert and I had a blast.
 Lainey walked around thanking all the fans with her daddy, love this pic that a fan took along the way.
 Love these ladies, us basketball wives have to stick together ;) (Me, Rita, and Camila)
Cooper in his school uniform for his first day at Judo, this week he gets a blue uniform which he is SO excited for.